Soup (2010)

Composition Matthijs van der Veer for a stop motion animated film by Margriet Westerhof.


‘Soup’ is a stopmotion animation film about global warming. A mother is preparing soup for her hungry son. She doesn’t realise that the bowl of soup is a universe in its self and that everything she adds to the soup eventually turns up in her own environment. So in her innocense and drive to feed her child she causes future disasters. Pieces of cauliflower change into clouds, spring onions return as palm trees and stirring the soup causes cyclones.

The film consists of one continuous movement, starting in a universe, ending in a bowl of soup, a ‘new’ universe, a bowl of soup, etc. All the backgrounds, characters and objects in the film are made of mud, sand and water.


Margriet Westerhof: Concept, animation, direction
Pauline Los: Camera, light, general assistance
Alan D. Joseph: Technical concept development, post production
Matthijs van der Veer: Music, sound design
Dirk Metzlar: Mixing, mastering, sound design